Our Free Moving Tips For Your Upcoming Move

  1. Try to complete packing a few days before moving day. Have your boxes labelled and or numbered. Call us if you are running out of time and need help packing.
  2. Set aside things you’ll personally bring to your new home such as jewelry, laptop and important files including checkbook, cash and financial records.
  3. Disconnect stereos, TVs, DVD players, desktop computer, printer and other electronics including washer & dryer.
  4. Empty, clean and defrost the refrigerator at least 24 hours before your move. Or get an ice chest to put perishable items from fridge.
  5. We’ll call to confirm the day before moving day and go over the arrival time and other details about your move.
  6. Be present when the movers arrive to answer questions and give any special instructions to the movers.
  7. Accompany movers as they walk through your household and resolve any questions regarding the condition of items being moved.
  8. Before the moving van leaves take one final look throughout the house to make sure nothing is left behind.
  9. At your new home, show the movers where to place furniture and boxes.
  10. Payment will be collected upon completion of the move in the form of Credit Card, personal check (for local moves), Cashiers check (for out of state moves), or cash. If you decide to tip your movers, please tip in the form of cash to each mover.
  11. Check to make sure everything was delivered before signing delivery papers. Note if any damages on the Bill of Lading.
  12. Sign and keep a copy of the Bill of Lading.

How To Make Your Winter Move Go Smoothly

  1. Check the weather: In the winter, especially in Colorado, the weather can change at the drop of a hat. Make sure you are checking the weather leading up to the big moving day, to ensure you stay well prepared for anything mother nature decides to throw your way.
  2. Clear the snow: If it has recently snow make sure all walkways to the house are cleaned of snow. If you are moving close by it is a good idea to visit the home the day before the move and ensure that the house is easily accessible. You will also want to make sure there is space to park any vehicles & moving trucks.
  3. Dress in layers: The day of the move maybe a cold one, dress in layers so you can shed them if you being to overheat. Changing between constant hot and cold of indoors to outdoors can take a toll on you so be sure to regulate your body temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you protect my hardwood floors, carpet, or tile?
Yes, we will protect all your hardwood and tile floors when we get to your home at no extra cost. If you need full carpet film protection we offer that as well for a small fee. Our goal is to make your move stress free. Your home is safe with us.
Are you licensed & insured?
Yes, BVT is fully insured and licensed to provide you worry-free service. All of our professional packers and movers are trained to make your day stress free and easy, almost fun!
Do you move in the snow? If so, how do you protect my items?
Yes, we move in all “non-severe” weather conditions. All items will be covered by moving pads and or shrink wrap as they exit your home, and enter to your new home.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards, personal checks or cash for local moves.

It is our 2nd time using Boulder Valley Transfer and my parents' 2nd also in the last 2 years. We've only had good experiences with this company. Moving is a stressful experience even with all of our preparations, but this company has been fantastic to work with. They are efficient and handled all of our heavy heirloom furniture and grand piano with care. The crew is extremely hard working, reliable and courteous. Would definitely use them again and have recommended them to others!

Jiyon Kim


These guys did an amazing move for me! Protected my floors and rails with no scratches to my furniture. Great customer service!

Paul Edinger


These folks were probably slightly higher than the lowest-cost options, but well worth a few extra dollars for the professionalism, communications, friendliness, and 100% competence! We've already been recommending these folks to others with full confidence.

Scott Battle


Moving is VERY stressful, so I'm happy to say we were extremely pleased with our experience with Boulder Valley Transfer. We very much appreciated their diligence and hard work, and we would DEFINITELY use them again!

Bruce Borowski